About Us

Established in 1997, Shield covers is a leading innovator in the outdoor performance fabric industry with over 20 years of expertise. Our founder, with 40 years of experience in the fabric industry, holds the patent for multi-layer lamination for outdoor fabrics.

Shield covers are specifically crafted to provide protection for outdoor furniture, grills, and fire pits in North America. Our covers boast multiple laminated fabric layers that provide superior water resistance and longevity while ensuring excellent moisture control. The solution-dyed fabric and unique TPU material used in our covers guarantee outstanding temperature tolerance, withstanding temperatures as low as -35°F in cold weather and up to ~350°F on hot surfaces without cracking or melting. Our covers also offer 1,200+ UV hours under sunlight, which is several times more than conventional cover products available in the market. We are committed to continuously researching and developing new fabric technologies to ensure that Shield covers are the highest quality outdoor covers available

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Shield Outdoor Cover Inc.
2650 Lindsay Privado Dr. Ste B
Ontario, CA 91761


Please note: Shield Outdoor Covers have NO relationship with "Porch Shield", a company that sells cover products on Amazon.