Why Shield

Our Secret to Success - Shield Membrane: At Shield, we utilize Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) to construct our Shield Membrane. This material, first invented in 1937, has become a staple material in the outdoor and sports industries due to its impressive properties such as high elongation and tensile strength, elasticity, and resistance to various substances like oil, grease, solvents, and chemicals. TPU's segmented structure, consisting of hard segments (HSs) and soft segments (SSs), offers unique properties. As temperatures rise, the soft segments expand, creating tiny pores that allow water molecules to pass through. Conversely, when the weather is cold, the SSs contract, closing the pores and increasing the material's strength and insulation properties, helping to keep wind and dirt out and extending the lifespan of the cover. Our specialized laminating process bonds TPU to the outer and inner shell, creating a highly effective Shield outdoor cover.


  • Adjustable click-close hem cord to secure your cover in windy conditions
  • A patent-pending side window and handle design for easy handling and ventilation
  • Durable fabric that is resistant to tearing and scratching
  • 2-way ventilation system through ventilation windows and breathable fabric
  • Soft velvet interior fabric that protects your furniture

Water Proof And Breathable

  • Withstands a minimum of 10,000mm water column pressure
  • A revolutionary Shield porous membrane layer that allows for moisture evaporation
  • Solves the problem of mold and mildew formation in traditional PVC covers
  • Material widely used in applications where moisture evaporation is required, such as wound dressings and outdoor clothing.

Color Fastness (all series)

  • Solution-dyed polyester fabric that will not fade over time
  • Compared to the traditional fabric dyeing is like a Carrot (same color all the way through) vs a radish (Only the outside is color dyed)
  • 1200-1,500 hours of UV resistance

Temperature Tolerance

  • Able to withstand temperatures ranging from -35° to 350°F without cracking
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.


Shield Outdoor Covers are designed to solve four major problems with outdoor covers:

Water Leaking

Mold & Mildew

Melt on Heat Crack on Cold

Color Fading