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I heard about the Shield cover from a patio furniture store. I ordered some platinum covers on this website to protect my circular sofa and table. The products arrived pretty soon. Before I opened the boxes, I found there are furniture covers selling on Amazon and eBay for cheaper prices. So I called in the company and they told me that I can return them if not satisfied. As I was about to return the boxes, I wondered to myself what they look like compared to the one selling on Amazon? So I opened one box… Boy! I see why they are selling for more. It’s totally different from the covers I saw in Home Depot and Walmart. These covers are really beautiful. They are very sturdy and have nice velvet liner. I decide not to return them.

Now I’ve put them on my furniture for a few weeks and I really like them. The natural stone color blend them into my garden really well. I’m so glad that I opened the box that day.

A satisfied customer