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Prior to placing your cover order, it is very important to measure the exact size of your table and chairs together to ensure the cover will properly fit as your furniture covers are designed to be a close fit. To support you better, we have provided directions on how to precisely measure your furniture.


Find the bulls-eye centre of the table and measure from one side of the back of the chairs to the other side back of the chairs crossing the table’s bulls-eye.


Measure from the bottom of the chair leg where it meets the ground to the top of the chair back.

To ensure proper airflow and for best fit results, we advise choosing a cover 1-2 inches shorter than the height of table.

For best-fit results, we advise rounding up your measurements to the closest inch.

Attention: Furniture measurements are provided for all styles of listed covers.

Bonus Tips

All of our covers are uniquely designed to allow for airflow by remaining a couple inches off of the ground. If you cannot find a cover that perfectly matches your measurements, simply choose a cover that is the next up available size.

For the best fit and to increase the life of your cover, back your chairs slightly away from the table when measuring and place a sturdy object in the centre of the table to keep the cover from caving in at the centre and pulling on the cover high points on the chair backs.

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