Measurement Guidance

Measuring Your Furniture for a Perfect Fit:

Providing accurate measurements is crucial for a snug fit. Here's how to ensure precision:

  1. Capture Your Furniture:
    • General Photos: Take varied images of each furniture piece to give a comprehensive view.
    • Measurement Photos: Visualize the desired cover's shape over your furniture. Measure and photograph each dimension of this imagined shape. Including the measuring tape in your shots helps our team verify dimensions. If positioning the tape directly against the furniture isn't feasible, pinch the tape at the correct measurement.
  2. Organizing and Sharing Photos:
    • Save all images in a cloud storage platform (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive).
    • Organize the photos by furniture type, placing each set in a distinct folder.
    • Share the folder link with us for evaluation.

Click here for an example.

Our team will meticulously assess your photos. If we require further measurements, we'll mark them on your photos and chat/email them back. In the rare event of a fitment issue, please photograph the problem. If the oversight is on our end, we'll promptly craft a replacement at no additional cost.