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Love Seat Cover Large - 61"W x 35"D x 24''/36"H Platinum

Love Seat Cover Large - 61"W x 35"D x 24''/36"H Platinum


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Experience enhanced protection with our three-layered outdoor cover, designed to shield your furniture from the elements. This cover incorporates patented lamination technology (US20190298079 A1), featuring an outer layer of solution-dyed polyester for fade resistance, a middle layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membrane for water resistance and breathability, and an inner liner to prevent scratching. Certified for use in extreme cold weather up to -35 degrees F, this cover ensures your furniture stays protected in all conditions.


3-layer cover with 500D solution-dyed polyester treated with ATY process, laminated with TPU membrane and velvet liner


61" W x 35" D x 24''/36" H


Drawstring, buckle strap, vent window and handle

Care Instructions

Use soap and wet cloth to clean the cover before storage.

Never put the cover in washing machines, which can damage the waterproof membrane.

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